Architecture conceptual design

For us, designing each building is creating a symbol. A symbol is in harmony with the user’s culture, with the current landscape and not only that, but it is also associated with the history of a city or a landscape.


Interior Design

We get creative by dividing spaces and giving them ideas. Then tell a customer story with light, materials, shapes, colors. With many different languages and design styles, our designers will convey to customers in the most detailed way to suit our customers best.


Design Development

The world’s top designers can come up with concept sketches. Our team of architects and designers can develop these ideas with detailed drawings through practical experience in successfully implementing challenging projects in Vietnam. With these detailed drawings, you will have the right construction solutions to ensure the highest aesthetics and ensure the best fit with the design ideas


Workplace Consultancy

With today’s office trend is no longer a workplace. That’s why our architects and designers focus on researching the world’s workspace trends to give you the right office design solutions, ensuring for our clients. We have a workplace that creates positive values and inspires users that are tied to the core values of each business.


Sustainability Consulting

When society is changing rapidly. Changes are always present in a permanent way in life. We always orient our customers to a sustainable design, reducing pollution and saving energy. The maximization of natural light areas are also priorities in the design solutions. However, that is only one of the orientations, it is important that we will work with you to create works of real value and sustainable and recognized by prestigious organizations

Build & Management


Turkey project

Providing a full service from design to construction, we help you save maximum costs. This is not easy, but we believe with experience, creativity, hard work and customer first, as well as after sales service. We believe this is one of our best services for managing the stages in this process.


Interior Fitout

In diversifying construction solutions. This is a service we provide to our customers. This applies to special types of projects or special requirements but is appropriate for the project.


Repair and Maintenance

We always aim for perfection in every project. However, problems always come in many forms. Don’t hesitate to let us know your problems. Our customer care team will always listen and find the best way to solve your needs. Not only repair, but also care for the values we create together.



We provide the interior equipment required by the project. With dynamic and diverse factories and suppliers. We can provide for many types of projects and many different price segments, ensuring aesthetics.