CATINAT design offers ONE STOP SOLUTION to help our clients remain stress free during the entire duration of the work. We take the entire responsibility of structure, planning, material and contractors to deliver the best interiors.

Our main priority is to give best service in terms of Quality of the material and designing. Our skilled Interior Designer sit with the Client and make the most out of it by giving them the consultation on how they can not only beautify the overall look of the space, but also use it by making most of it.

CATINAT design’s ONE STOP SOLUTION enables our customers to enjoy several benefits through a range of services, tailored to meet specific needs, combined with cost-saving

Listening to Clients should be a great way for us to gather enough important information at the very first stage of the project. And it allows us to see the project as they see it, along with their needs, wants, desires, and concerns. We always believe that empathy begins with active listening.

Design Consulting
Our Design Team will assist our Clients to determine your priority in objectives and requirements  resulting in a combination of suitable design and considerable cost efficiency within a sustainable approach.

Materials Selection
The principal focus of Client’s benefits is to ensure that We select a range of most suitable materials, which provide maximum value, the desired level of result whilst minimizing costs. As We have the guarantee of the best sourcing solution for your choice as well as the guarantee of a reliable partnership.

Efficient Execution
Particular emphasis is placed on providing an efficient execution solution to carry out the Client’s choice of our design. By operating our own Execution Team and reducing overhead costs, we are able to provide an efficient, high quality construction service. The 7-Rs our Clients benefit from: Right Design, Right Materials choice, Right Time, Right Construction solution, Right Quality and Right Cost, in a Responsible way

Project Monitoring   
The result of our performance can be measured through a regular reporting system in order to achieve your expectations. We will keep a regular contact to maximize the benefits and cost savings that you will obtain from our teams and close cooperation with all business partners. We truly understand that your success is our success.

Future Care
A part of our business, is to help make our personnel as productive and efficient as possible so that your benefits shall be ours. We are based in your preference and speak your language, because We do understand that when your project ends, our relationship continues.